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Religion has played a large part in the history of Shenandoah County and it is not only of interest to people who live here, but is also valuable to those doing genealogical research.

With that in mind, the Shenandoah County Historical Society launched a project that is still a work in progress, though an impressive amount of information has already been assembled. Nearly 150 churches have been identified and listed. Data has been collected on a great number of the churches, and efforts have been made to provide historical information on all of the them.

The project has compiled a list and photo of all of the churches in Shenandoah County. Along with each name and photo, is a description of the church and history of the building and congregation. If an existing church has a web site, it will include a link to that church’s web site.

This will be a historical record of the churches and will not list times of services, pastor’s names or upcoming events.

The compilation of church information, including church histories, location info and photos had been accomplished by Phillip Crown, over a period of years up until 2016. Many of the church photos were provided by Dennis Atwood. The collection consisted of individual PDF documents that were accessed via a third-party website. The adaptation of this material into a searchable listing on the Shenandoah County Historical Website was developed by Henry M. (Hank) Zimmerman in 2019. Bruce Alger is currently managing the church listings.

Churches in Shenandoah County, Virginia

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    As this is a work in progress, it is hoped that representatives, of the churches without the historical information, will contact us and provide the needed material.

    The Society will need the following information:
    • Full name of the Church.
    • Information as to whether it was the first Church on the site.
    • Physical description of the church and changes through the years.
    • Photo of the church, and old photos if it looks different today. (color photos preferred, unless not available).
    • List of notable events that may have happened there and photos.

    The Society can be reached by phone at 540-459-1795, by mail at P.O. Box 506, Edinburg, VA 22824 or by e-mail at

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